ana zibelnik

We are the ones turning (ongoing, 2019 - )

The series is a reflection on something we all grapple with: dying. To make sense of what is constantly there – somewhere, sometimes latent, sometimes not so much –, to better understand and bear the "possibility of impossibility" we tend to listen to those more experienced, similarly or more troubled than us. We read books and watch films and lend an ear to the occasional wise man speaking. My own idea of how we encounter the constant presence of death is greatly indebted to some of those who examined the infinitely compelling and defining nature of mortality in detail and put it down in ink. One of those who marks the conceptual backbone of my series is Martin Heidegger, who accurately noted that the paramount difference between man and everything else that lives, lies not in the ratio, but in mortality: “mortals are those who experience death as death". In this sense, human beings are identified by the great absence. Not necessarily by fear of it or permanent anticipation, but by mere awareness of the fact – an awareness we are born with and is reinforced and revisited simply by living.

My series is an exploration into the subtle encounters with death during lifetime. I wish to construe a vast and intense fictional narrative that zooms in on what it means to be running out of time.

This project is being produced in the scope of PARALLEL – European Photo Based Platform.

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